Staff Directory

Lawson, Julious Principal

Balas, Anna                      Teacher

David, Linda                    Teacher

Del Dotto, Bryan            Teacher

Easter, Eron                     Teacher

Ellis, Auburn                    Teacher

Farrell, Nancy                  Teacher

Heltman, Alicia                 Teacher

Jimenez, Doris Teacher Assistant

Kahn, Erin                           Teacher

Melyon, Rachel                 Teacher

Mercado, Doris                  Teacher Assistant

Oshana, Denise                  Clerk 

Pagan, Wanda                     Teacher

Pancotto, Michael            Teacher

Principato, Lucy               Teacher

Ryan, Robert                     Interventionist

Sherwin, William               Teacher

Smith, Jumeck                   Teacher

Tate, Brenda                       Teacher

Torres, Annabell               Teacher

Valentin, Norma                Teacher

Vargas, Richard                  Teacher

Vaughn, Robin                    Teacher

Winters, Deloris                  Teacher Assistant

Zavacki, Daria                      Teacher


One response to “Staff Directory”

  1. terry corona says :

    I’m the parent of joshua corona and would like to get the email address for ms gatsios and ms kahn

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